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Testing Facilities at Swadlincote Diesel

Our workshops are equipped with the latest technology, proving our commitment to the ever changing world of electronics and diesel systems for euro 4,5 and 6 emission standards.  Below is a selection of machinery including the new Bosch EPS 708 which enables us to test and repair the latest Common Rail technology.

Injector testing

Bosch EPS 708

Swadlincote Diesel FIS Co Ltd are proud to announce that we have one of the most advanced common rail test benches in the world!

The Bosch EPS 708 has been specially designed for common rail injectors and is the future of diesel technology.

We are now able to carry out the most comprehensive repairs known as stage 3 repair for Bosch Common rail injectors in our specially designed climate controlled clean room. Previously no-one has been able to fully repair the latest stage 3 technology.

The injector pressure on which modern Common-Rail diesel engines run have risen constantly over the last few years, 2000bar is nowadays already normal – with a riding tendency. The new bench enables testing up to 2,200 bar and its newly developed rail is designed for pressures up to 2,500 bar, which means that the test bench is prepared for future developments in diesel technology.

All Bosch injectors can be tested, repaired and re-manufactured back to OE spec with all OE parts supplied with new Bosch IMA codes.


Our injector workshop boasts two CRI-PC four line machines which provides a flexible and cost effective solution for all makes of common rail injectors.

The four line configuration enables us to suit all our customers needs by providing ‘contract batch testing’ or ‘over the counter’ testing.

  • We can test all makes of common rail applications
  • Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens/continental VDO injectors
  • Measure injector delivery, coil resistance, response time and backleak flow
  • Full diagnosis of tested injectors, including full printed test report
  • Test, repair and re-manufacture Delphi injectors back to OE spec with all OE parts supplied with new CII and CIII codes

AVM2-PC + HK1500

This machine is the latest edition to our ever growing testing facilities.

It enables us to fully test, repair and recode Delphi EUI injectors back to OE spec.

Utilising application specific changeable cams, the cam box system, when combined with the new dual solenoid controller and the range of solenoid and piezo amplifiers, accurately replicates real life operating conditions for better results.

In addition, it gauges injector response time and when combine with the load cell add on, will determine peak internal injection pressure. This means that the HK1500 system provides the most detailed information available on an EUI internal condition allowing accurate diagnosis and repair.

Heavy Duty Universal Cambox

The MPU 500 EUI/EUP cambox kit is designed to perform and repair tests for different types of Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI) and Electronic Unit Pumps (EUP).

  • With one cambox, four camshafts of different lifts, plus the required adapters, more than 20 kinds of EUIs and EUPs on the market can be tested.
  • We use this cambox to specialise in testing and flow testing all CATERPILLAR and CUMMINS EUI applications.

Fuel pump testing

Petrol testing


This injector tester enables us to test and service a wide range of petrol injectors.

Vintage and Classic

Although we have all the latest technology we still have the capabilities to and repair classic and vintage applications for both injectors and fuel pumps.

Our old testing facilities are: Hartridge 1100m2, Bosch 707, Pop testers.

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